How our auctions work

Auction Registration

To place a bid on, you must:

  • Have registered with us.
  • Have logged in using your email address and password.
  • Have chosen your unique username.

Why is there a fee to join the auction?

We charge a small fee to join the auction to validate that all auction users are genuine. The fee is currently £1.00.

How bidding works

Bidding in an Lovers Magic auction is a great way to get the item you want – at a bargain price.

So here is how it works

In an auction-style listing, Lovers Magic sets a starting price and you bid against other buyers. You can watch the item to see how the bidding is going. When the listing ends, the highest bidder wins the item and completes the purchase.

Tip: Remember, a bid is considered a binding contract. That means that when you bid on an item, you’re committing to buy it if you win.

Automatic bidding

Learn about how automatic bidding and bid increments work.

Automatic bidding is the easiest way to bid on an auction-style listing. Simply enter the highest price you’re willing to pay for an item, and we do the rest.

When you’re ready to bid on an auction listing, enter the maximum amount you feel comfortable with. We’ll then bid on your behalf – enough to keep you in the lead, but only up to that limit.

If someone outbids you, we’ll let you know so you can decide if you want to increase your maximum bid.

Tip: Bidding on items can be exciting, but it is a contractual obligation. When you’re deciding on your maximum bid, be sure you’re happy to pay that amount if you win the auction.

Why you’ve been outbid immediately

If you get outbid immediately after placing a bid, it’s likely another bidder is using automatic bidding, and has a maximum limit that’s higher than yours. You’ll need to bid again in order to be the highest bidder.

Bid increments

When someone else places a bid, which is lower than the maximum bid, we’ll place a slightly higher bid on your behalf. The amount the bid increases by is known as a bid increment. Bid increments are smaller when the bid price is low, and larger in higher price brackets.

Occasionally you’ll see bids increase by less. This means that someone else placed a bid just slightly higher than your automatic bid amount.

Current priceBid increment
£0.01 - £0.99£0.05
£1.00 - £4.99£0.20
£5.00 - £14.99£0.50
£15.00 - £59.99£1.00
£60.00 - £149.99£2.00
£150.00 - £299.99£5.00
£300.00 - £599.99£10.00
£600.00 - £1,499.99£20.00
£1,500.00 - £2999.99£50.00
£3,000.00 and up£100.00
Tip: When bidding, always double-check that you’ve entered the correct amount – especially when making a last minute bid.

How reserve prices work

Lovers Magic can choose to add a reserve price when listing an item in the auction. A reserve price is the minimum amount we are willing to sell for, so if the reserve price isn’t met, the item won’t be sold.

If you place a bid that’s below the reserve price, you’ll see a ‘Reserve not met’ message. This means that even if you’re the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you won’t win the item.

Lovers Magic is not obliged to reveal what we’ve set as the reserve price. Unless we state the reserve price in the listing, you won’t know what the reserve price is until you meet it, or bid above it.

Tips for winning auctions

  • Improve your chances of being the top bidder with our tips for winning auctions.
  • Note what time the auction ends, as this can affect how many other people will bid on it, and whether you’ll be available to bid at the last minute.
  • Think about how much you’re willing to pay, and decide on your maximum bid. You’ll be better prepared to make decisions in the crucial last seconds of the auction.
  • Bide your time. By placing your highest bid in the closing seconds, you stand a greater chance of getting the item.
  • If the auction has a known reserve price, bid up to that amount as early as possible, so other bidders aren’t attracted by the low starting price
  • Try bidding an uneven amount. Thinking of spending £10.00? Try £10.53 instead. Those extra few pence can make all the difference.

Good luck!